Interview with Michael Dornellas: Shark Experts Part IV

EVERY WEEK IS SHARK WEEK! So we have asked some more of our shark expert friends and ambassadors for their sharkspertise! Please enjoy learning more about sharks and advice on what you can do to help sharks!

We are now going to introduce you to Michael Dornellas, Professional Dive Guide and Cinematographer. You might recognize him from Instagram as @reefhunter or you may have seen his videos on Vimeo.

We asked Michael some questions about sharks...

What fuels your passion for working with sharks?

Number one is the feelings I get when diving with sharks. Everything else is a byproduct of a love to share the ocean with them.

What has been the most difficult thing that you've had to overcome in your field?

Constantly being attacked on social media. Mainly by conservationists who don't agree with my methods or say I exploit sharks for personal gain. It's sad the amount of hate in the industry.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about sharks?

Diving with sharks can have profound impacts on people's lives. Overcoming fear, loss, anxiety, PTSD, and much more. If done right one can experience feelings of transcendence and peace. It's not only an amazing experience but also has the potential to be very healing.

What is your favorite species of shark?

Don't have one, I love Tigers, Bulls, and Makos for different reasons.

In your opinion, what is the biggest threat to sharks?

Greed, for reasons to take and kill and also to Some so called Eco tourism operations that exploit and endanger both sharks and people. One bad bite can ruin years of positive work.

What advice would you give to people who want to help save our sharks?

Learn as much as you can about them and share knowledge and experience. Stop the hate and attacking of fisherman or shark killers, they are people just like us and deserve love and compassion no matter how hard it might be to give them that. It's the only way to change minds. Hate only closes doors and hardens the hearts of those that have the capacity to change. We are no better then any other human no matter what we choose to do with our lives. How we act towards another human being is a choice. The choices we make can be the difference between saving or killing our oceans. People can't truly love with hate in their hearts.

For more insight into the life of Michael & his shark friends, check out his Vimeo:

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