Our Story

Conversation Ocean™ is an organization focused on spreading awareness about the ocean and its inhabitants through education, outreach, and cause-based apparel.

We partner with several different organizations who specialize in various types of ocean conservation and research. Some of our products support the conservation and research of manta rays and sea turtles, sharks, whales, and overall protection of our oceans.

Our products and education materials encourage people to get talking about the issues facing our ocean, and what they can do to help! We hope to raise awareness about the ocean and its inhabitants, and to inspire people from all degrees of life to take action and be a part of the solution.

We are ConVersation Ocean™, a company founded by women who want to Start A Conversation™ about ocean conservation. Yasmin Serajfar Co-founder

Yasmin is a wildlife biologist and artist. She obtained her Masters degree in Environmental Science from Drexel University and has spent the past couple years working as a wildlife biologist for the state of Florida. Her goal in life is to make a positive difference in the world, for all wildlife, and inspire others to do the same. This goal and her love for manta rays inspired her to start this organization. She believes art plays a powerful role in fostering environmental awareness and creates all our designs with that goal.

Ariel Nicole Co-founder

Ariel has a degree in biomedical engineering and has always been passionate about the ocean. Her love for sharks is what inspired her to start this organization. She continues to fight for the freedom of oceanic creatures and cleanliness of their home. She hopes Conversation Ocean will spread awareness about the issues facing our ocean and all of its inhabitants.

Jaclyn Gerakios Outreach & Education Coordinator

Jaclyn is an avid ocean advocate and ocean lover. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in Marine Biology and a Master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University in Environmental Education. She currently works in Florida as a science teacher at Saint Paul's School in Clearwater. Jaclyn also teaches SCUBA to middle school students. She loves the ocean and is ecstatic to be on the Conversation Ocean team, let's get our ocean conversations started!

Sean Greene Accounting & Finances

Sean’s passion for the ocean stems from his Florida childhood on the Atlantic coast. He has dived, sailed, and kayaked in oceans around the world and learned to love all of the seas equally. He received his undergraduate degrees at Colorado State University and his Masters of Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College in Washington. He is currently employed as a biologist for Florida Fish & Wildlife after having worked as a biologist, park ranger, and zoologist elsewhere.

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