Ambassador Program: Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an ambassador, how do I start earning points online?

To start earning points, visit our website and click on the "Ambassador Program" tab located on the bottom of the page. You should be able to see it on both mobile and desktop versions of our website. You will need to create an account if you do not have an existing account for our store, at which point you will be given access to our reward point system.

How do I start acquiring points from referral purchases?

To acquire points from referral purchases, your personal referral link will need to be used by the referred person when they make a purchase. First, find the "Ambassador Program" tab at the bottom of the page, tap/click on that. Then, select "Refer a Friend" on the "Earn Points" tab. It should generate a link for you. Your available points are shown at the top. You can also include the link in your Instagram bio to make it easier for people to find it too! 

How do I earn & track points from aquatic, community, or beach clean ups?

The system used for referral purchases will not track points acquired from holding Friendly Local Beach Clean events or hosting Conversation Ocean Sponsored Beach Cleanup events. If you are interested in hosting a CO Sponsored event, email us first at for details. We will track these types of points for you separately.