Campus Rep Program

Are you interested in sharing your passion for ocean conservation on campus? We want to help you make that a reality! Apply to be a campus rep by emailing and start making a difference today!

Campus Rep Objective:
Spread the message about living sustainably to save our seas and get your community involved in green practices and even aquatic or community clean ups!

The goals of our program are to have our campus reps:
Start the campus/school movement
Advocate for an eco-friendly lifestyle (Live Green to Save the Blue!)
Inspire change on campus
Plan one large annual campus event
Screen environmental films or host events like cleanups to raise conservation awareness

What we can provide:
Infographics on ways to live more “green” to help our BLUE planet!
Stickers to give out at campus events & aquatic cleans to help spread the word
Educational materials like coloring pages
Access to our Education & Outreach Coordinator who can help you plan an environmental film screening on campus or aquatic clean up. Contact her for any campus event!

Email us now to get started as a campus rep and to get your own exclusive discount code for 10% off!

Our ambassadors Brittany & Jason teaching kids about sharks in the FL Keys!